Literally Perfect

I don’t understand how to state how amazing this resort is concise. Every element of it was significant. We stayed in a beachfront, lower-level also it was paradise, walked directly onto the shore daily. Each member of this concierge welcomed us warmly each time we returned in our experiences. They also made us feel as though we were family. The room was magnificent, comfy bed, clean water for drinking — it was all we had.

Among our favorite aspects is they utilize Whatsapp for ordering food, beverages, anything! It was astonishing. They kindly recovered a telephone cord we left at the car for us once we messaged them.

You can be lounging on a few of the beach chairs before the stunning sand and blue water, then message them via Whatsapp which you would prefer a margarita, also have one delivered to you moments afterward.

Every member of this group was amazing – they recommended the best shore snorkeling in cozumel for families. Juan for advocating great beers and creating lovely cocktails (and bringing us !).

One final thing I want to note: that they take such fantastic, meticulous maintenance of the gorgeous home, and that has the canning cleanup.

However, those men worked tirelessly to maintain their coastline clean, and it revealed! They’re working so difficult for their guests, and I hope they understand how much it is appreciated.

Just loved the vibe — the location, the individuals, all good. The attention to every detail of the client’s stay is exceptional. Here is the only hotel I have ever stayed I need to return to. Highly recommend!