Amazing experience!

Great experience the welcome to the resort is fantastic. The rooms are great and very comfy. Additionally, the restaurants are excellent great food and great support. The animation team is unique, there’s always some kind of activity happening never a dull moment. There where great people in that team like Carolina, Coffee boy, Superman, and lucky.

The hotel is very, and the resort is vast, it has all you need. The rooms are very, and the staff takes excellent care of you. Amazing vacation spot. Staff is really great – they told me about the snuba diving cozumel tour for rookies like me. So we might try it next time.

The first period in the Dominican Republic and first time remaining in Palladium. Everything was perfect, can’t complain about anything. Resort very highly recommend!

My hubby and I are in love with the Grand Palladium B├ívaro Suite. That is our first time staying in a Palladium ever, and so far we say this is one of the most beautiful hotels we visited. The food and the beach are total YES. The team members are super sweet, just like Marlenny! We’ll be back!

The resort, the food, and the pools were great! Soft sands and beautiful clear blue water. The service staff was amiable and welcoming. There is enough choice of activities for adults and children with many different pools. Room cleaning was the sole point of controversy as a few days it had been late in the day before they got to our rooms. Besides such a caliber of support and attitude was quite nice!

The resort grounds were absolutely amazing, everything was clean and meticulously manicured. The shore and facilities provided were absolutely ideal. We never had a problem locating our personal straw hut and beach chairs. The food was excellent, from the buffet to restaurants to space service, we never went hungry.

Our room was gorgeous, the only drawback was that they have had a water main break right in front of our villa. Not the most dramatic scene, but we didn’t stay in the villa for more than just sleeping. In general, a fantastic hotel and I would certainly stay here again!