Best Meal of the Trip

We ate here the previous night we were at Cancun. Portions are big. My daughter and I ordered the salmon (when we knew how large the parts were we might have broken). Salmon served with cooked vegetables under. We ate veggies the entire excursion. No other position had this contained on the menu (and so are they great!).

Do not recall what everybody else had but our grandson. He had a hamburger. They ended up being 3 miniature hamburgers that he adored (age 13). Would strongly recommend if you’re tired of Mexican foods. They had fresh fish and lobster brought from the table to see before you arranged.

My husband and I moved for our first night supper! Fantastic location and very convenient to our resort! We sat out, and it was beautiful! The view was terrific along w that the weather! Victor was our host, and he was excellent! He recommended the cozumel private van tour that is close to the hotel.

We ordered a salad along with the carrot, octopus and poultry empanadas! My favorite was that the salmon! The bread that they brought out was great along w the batter ( see pics)! Crab legs, lettuce, shrimp, white fish, grilled cabbage and pineapple! It had been incredible! Overall good experience! I’d recommend it!

WUS big-city standards for very high excellent service and food. Attentive but not too so employees. Very favorable. Food tasty and cooked perfectly. Seabass, mixed ceviche, mixed-seafood pasta were all fantastic. Excellent perspectives on the water and marina. Open late. 10/10 would urge! Really great atmosphere, great for couples, with impeccable service. The food was really excellent.

We began with additives and natural jumbo shrimp that were very fresh with great flavor. We really liked the chili sauces and chimichurri sauce that came with the bread, but we utilized throughout the meal. The mixed green salad had a very mild yummy dressing and was big enough to talk about. The salmon was perfectly cooked.

The significant ribeye in Madero was exceptional, with great taste and was also quite large. We also shared with the grilled vegetables that were excellent. The portions were huge. While this was our most expensive meal, it was also the very best. Will definitely return.