Our second day in Portland we planned to be jam-packed full of everything there was to see. Our first stop was VooDoo Donuts, a MUST see/taste for anyone visiting the Portland area. There was a decent line when we arrived so we hopped in, took a few pictures and waited our turn. The inside of the building is tiny, with just enough room to showcase their donuts on a revolving platform inside some glass and to pay for your yummy donuts. I had been staring at the fruit loop donuts for weeks leading up to this trip so we ordered that, the triple chocolate penetration, a blue and pink sugared donut, and the classic ‘voodoo’ donut. We should have just stuck with one each because they were SWEET. Like really, really sweet. My fruit loop donut was amazing, although the cereal was a tiny bit stale, I didn’t care. I think it’s important to get here early, if not to get a good spot in line, then to get the donuts FRESH. Either way, we really enjoyed our voodoo donut experience!

Next up, we walked around the waterfront for a bit, enjoying the beautiful weather we were so lucky to have. We watched boats sail by and walked off our donuts. Eventually we got really hungry and we had heard of a restaurant called Pok Pok that was really popular and we decided to try it. The only problem was figuring out how to get there. Where we live, we don’t really use public transportation since everyone has cars, so navigating the bus system was a little difficult. With the help of google, we looked up Pok Pok and found the correct bus we needed to catch and we were on our way across the river to Division Street!

We didn’t pull the line fast enough to stop at the correct street but we got off a few streets down and walked over to where Pok Pok was located. Half of the restaurant is outside and then there’s a small room with the bar inside as well. I was expecting your typical Thai food but REALLY good quality. When we sat down and looked at the menu, I had NO idea what anything was. I don’t eat fish, partially because I have a weird phobia of them, but I don’t really like the taste either and everything on the menu had fish on it. I was disappointed at first but luckily my friend was there to help coach me out of my fear of fish sauce and to just try something that looked good. Our server also helped us navigate the menu, explaining what was what and helped me choose two dishes that I could modify to have no fish, or just the fish sauce. After ordering, I was a little anxious if I would enjoy this lunch but I convinced myself everything would be great since this restaurant was one of Portland’s most popular places to dine.When the food arrived, family style, we divided up each dish among out plates. My friend Jenny ordered the wings which are one of the most popular items on the menu, and another item I can’t remember. I ordered some noodles with fish sauce and sour pork and this soup that I don’t even know how to explain, except to say there was a lot of coconut flavor to it. I enjoyed the noodles a lot and the wings were fantastic. Jenny really enjoyed the soup but since i’m not a huge coconut person, I found it to be just okay. Overall I enjoyed my meal and I’m glad I went out of my comfort zone to try dishes I would normally run away, screaming from. I wasn’t expecting the exotic thai food we were presented with and so I think I was a bit underwhelmed but if you love fish and love to try new things, Pok Pok is definitely your place, just not mine.

After lunch we decided to walk along division street for a little while. We took a leisurely stroll up a street to enjoy the craftsman style homes and bungalows. I could easily see myself, Jeremy and our soon to be little one living on one of those streets. Very quiet neighborhoods and beautiful greenery and flowers everywhere. We also stopped in a few shops with local handmade goods, and decided we adored division street. Luckily, we saved room for ice cream as I wanted to try Salt and Straw. I ordered their simple vanilla bean flavor while jenny ordered snicker doodle and salted caramel. They had other flavors like lavender and honey, and pear and blue cheese (Jeremy would love this one!). It was such a delicious ice-cream cone and was perfect for the warm Portland day.

We headed back into downtown Portland for dinner and eventually home for the night. I unfortunately started to develop some sort of cold and was pretty stuffy by the end of the day. The next day we had a food tour planned so we wanted to get back early to get a good nights rest before our early morning. The sunset out of the city was gorgeous as we passed over the bridge on the MAX rail back to our hotel.