I am very picky when it comes to where I’ll be staying on vacation. After a bad experience in the Dominican Republic, I’m very hesitant to stay at a B&B/hotel/resort with iffy reviews on trip advisor. When Jeremy was planning our anniversary trip, he knew to make sure he picked a place with amazing reviews. The hotels were out of budget, going for at least $500 a night which was WAY out of our price range. He decided to look at the B&B options offered on TripAdvisor and found Sedona Views B&B and it was instantly a winner with me. I read A LOT of the reviews and they were all basically five-star reviews from insanely satisfied guests. I gave him the thumbs up and he booked our room which was around $300 a night or so.

On arrival, we were welcomed inside to check in and shown around the property. We saw where we would meet for breakfast with the other couples, and then up to our room. We stayed in the Memories and Moonbeams room and it had a perfect view of Cathedral Rock right off the balcony. You could immediately see the hot tub on the deck and we were shown exactly how to use it. They even provided us with special towels and plastic glasses to enjoy beverages (water for me!) in the hot tub so there would be no accidents with broken glass. We entered the room from the deck and not from the inside of the B&B although you could enter through the door if that’s how you wanted to. After walking through the sliding glass door we stepped into a small sitting room with a TV, which we never used. Further in the room there was a desk and a mini-fridge for any beverages or food we purchased. The bed was off to the right and was the most heavenly bed I’ve ever slept on in my life. The mattresses are custom-made and it’s like sleeping on a cloud! Passed the bed was the bathroom, and after a few steps up, an amazing soaking tub was on the left and a sink on the right and the toilet and shower straight in front. The room seemed to showcase Sedona’s heritage and was beautifully decorated in a south-western style.

All-in-all this B&B was a fantastic choice and I will forever trust my husband in picking out accommodation for us on any vacation from now on ? I don’t have on bad thing to say and if we ever have the chance to go back to Sedona, we would stay here again in a heart beat!